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Residential Outdoor Living

At Boston Pergolas, our focus is to improve outdoor spaces for our clients.  New construction projects and existing homes enjoy the benefits of a well designed pergola tailored to maximize the best use of their space. 

A pergola provides shelter from sun, wind & rain.   The aesthetic value of a pergola has brought great interest to architects and often becomes the center entertainment.   

Whether you would like to expand your livable space to the outdoors, add a poolside cabana or lounge, pergolas are a great alternative to traditional construction.  

Sun, shade, humidity, airflow & temperature are constantly changing throughout the day.  Under our pergolas, you can adjust the elements within your space to suit your mood. 

Commercial Outdoor Living

At Boston Pergolas, we improve outdoor spaces for our clients. Pergola innovation is at the forefront of focus. Our pergolas are made from extruded aluminum making them very strong and lightweight.

Pergolas have been in existence since 1400 BC.  They have stood the test of time.  Their modern day resurgence has been coupled with innovation.  Outdoor living spaces have been growing in popularity.  In recent years, new planning strategies and amenities have come to market. 

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